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William Denniss
Tank Image Current Projects
PSP Title
I am currently working on a commercial PSP title, details of which will be available on release.
Tank Image Finished Projects
Developed in 2005 with Philip Worthington, "Projected Lineriders cars follow lines that people draw on the surface with pens, speeding up and slowing down according to a visual annotation language. The cars skid and crash and jump over obstacles like hands, bridging the space between the physical and virtual. The game is open ended, nurturing peoples' own creativity and imagination as they strive to create the perfect track."
A high performance accellerated 3D graphics rendering engine and scenegraph with some compatible functionality to the old Java3D scenegraph. I was previously an active member of the Xith3D development team.
Odejava is an API which allows Java developers to use the uses the ODE physics engine with their Java projects and in an Object Orientated fashion. It is capable of working closely with Xith3D. I was previously an active member of the Odejava development team.
Digital picture manager for use with digital cameras and online photo galleries.
Internet password and username remembering program.

java Java Myths12 Mar 2004

Common Myths about Java

Java is Sun Microsystems

Since 1998, development of the Java standard has been controlled though the Java Community Process to which Sun is one member. They have as much voting power as anyone else on the Executive Committee

Java is not open source

There are open source implementations of Java. Sun have released the source to their entire Java Standard Edition Platform (including the API and JVM) - they can be downloaded here and here. It is not free (libre) but the source code is public. There are also many other open source implementations which are free (libre).

Java is not an open standard

See the myth Java is Sun Microsystems. The present and future of the Java specification is controlled by key industry players and individuals. It is open (you or I can participate) and it has been working 1998, so arguably it is working very well.

Java is not free (libre)

Java is an open standard (see the myth Java is not an open standard) and there are totally open and free (libre) implementations available. For example GNU itself offers an open source and free (libre) java compiler as part of the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC). Another one is Kaffee.

Java is slow

Back in 1996, this was correct, but not now. Most modern JVM's use a Just In Time (JIT) compiler to pre-compile the java bytecode before executing. This can infact generate faster code as it can be totally optimised for ones system where as ahead of time compilers (like most C++ ones) often make compromises to support several different architectures in the one binary.

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