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William Denniss
Tank Image Current Projects
PSP Title
I am currently working on a commercial PSP title, details of which will be available on release.
Tank Image Finished Projects
Developed in 2005 with Philip Worthington, "Projected Lineriders cars follow lines that people draw on the surface with pens, speeding up and slowing down according to a visual annotation language. The cars skid and crash and jump over obstacles like hands, bridging the space between the physical and virtual. The game is open ended, nurturing peoples' own creativity and imagination as they strive to create the perfect track."
A high performance accellerated 3D graphics rendering engine and scenegraph with some compatible functionality to the old Java3D scenegraph. I was previously an active member of the Xith3D development team.
Odejava is an API which allows Java developers to use the uses the ODE physics engine with their Java projects and in an Object Orientated fashion. It is capable of working closely with Xith3D. I was previously an active member of the Odejava development team.
Digital picture manager for use with digital cameras and online photo galleries.
Internet password and username remembering program.

Say NO to bugs in Software19 Feb 2004

Bugs in software cost the industry and users billions each year due to lost productivity and increased help desk costs yet every day tens of thousands of bugs are coded into programs even by qualified IT professionals. Alarmingly the number of bugs increases every day by a real lot! Obviously this thrend is unacceptable and must be reversed before it gets even more out of hand.

Several measures have been attemped to remove bugs from software by various governments with plans including: more taxes, the 'one bug' policy, debugging levies, more taxes, zero tollerance, equal oppertunity, the death penalty and others. Unfortunately, the results of these trials have been much like a microwaved pie -- luke warm and mushy.

Don't just stand idly by and watch bug after bug be created, it's time to take matters into your own hands and send developers the message that bugs will not and can not be tollerated.

How YOU can help: Increase public awareness! Adorn your mantlepiece, door or wall with an exclusive No Bugs or Bug Free Zone (PDF) warning sign. If you have a web site - add the no bugs logo [smaller version, larger version] (GIF) image to inform your users that your software contains no bugs (just features) or if your site isn't software related, bung it there anyway just to show you care!


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