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William Denniss
Tank Image Current Projects
PSP Title
I am currently working on a commercial PSP title, details of which will be available on release.
Tank Image Finished Projects
Developed in 2005 with Philip Worthington, "Projected Lineriders cars follow lines that people draw on the surface with pens, speeding up and slowing down according to a visual annotation language. The cars skid and crash and jump over obstacles like hands, bridging the space between the physical and virtual. The game is open ended, nurturing peoples' own creativity and imagination as they strive to create the perfect track."
A high performance accellerated 3D graphics rendering engine and scenegraph with some compatible functionality to the old Java3D scenegraph. I was previously an active member of the Xith3D development team.
Odejava is an API which allows Java developers to use the uses the ODE physics engine with their Java projects and in an Object Orientated fashion. It is capable of working closely with Xith3D. I was previously an active member of the Odejava development team.
Digital picture manager for use with digital cameras and online photo galleries.
Internet password and username remembering program.

Creating Fonts22 Sep 2005
Abstract: This article is a briefly outlines how I created a font based on my handwriting (the reasons for which which will become evident in the future). It involves writing the characters on paper, scanning and converting to vectors in Illustrator and assembling in FontLab. Quick Links: Software almacen, Software Trazabilidad
3djava Using an Input Abstraction Layer26 Aug 2005
Abstract: There are several input API's to chose from when handling input for real-time applications. Different display libraries such as JOGL and LWJGL have completally different default input systems. This article covers some reasons as to why it is a good idea to use an input abstraction layer with these API's, and walks through the conversion of an example from AWT to HIAL based input. , Control de obras
NO *&%$! FLYING16 Aug 2005
Abstract: Warcraft III provides a versatile scripting engine that the developers utalised when creating the single player game. Due to the releasing of their map tool, several custom games have been created using the Warcraft III engine. It is a misnomer to call these creations "maps", as they are not merely new arenas to play Warcraft in, but have totally new gameplay.
3djava Polling the Keyboard State using an Event Driven System20 Oct 2004
Abstract: Many input systems use so called Input Events. That is, when input is detected, an event is "fired" and the program responds instantly. This is not normally desirable in games where the programmer often wants more control over when user input is acted upon. For renderers such as Xith3D were you can not modify the scenegraph while rendering, this is a larger problem. While one solution is not to use asynchronous input devices like these, they do have their benefits (one being ubiquity) and it is still quite possible to aggregate the events and poll them once per cycle anyway. This tutorial shows one way to poll the keyboard when using an event driven input system. The API used for the examples is Java's AWT.
opengl Y Is Up?10 May 2004
Abstract: Computer programs typically use a Cartesian 3D Coordinate Space to represent virtual 3D worlds. Unlike our world were the up direction is simply the opposite direction of gravity, the 3D coordinate space has no such notion. Thus, when createing a 3D world, one of the three axes is picked to represent the hight (i.e. the up direction).
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